English Messages in a Bottle

Who will answer first?

Here is a simple but motivating activity which can be used for many purposes and I will present one way of using it in a reading class. After your students read the text, instead of simply answering the questions in the book, with this activity you can get them write their own questions and turn it into a game.


  1. Put students up to 10 groups.
  2. Each group writes one (or more, depending on the length of text, what you want to focus, time) question and an answer for it. You can ask each team to generate a different type of question (T/F, MC, Reference).
  3. Each group in turn comes to the front of the class and asks the question they wrote. Alternatively they can read the answer, and the other teams try to come up with a question.
  4. The first person to tell the answer gets a point and the winners are the group with the most points at the end of the game.

In this activity, the teacher is just an observant and a guide, so it is very student-centered and fun! This game can be played when revising vocabulary as well (You may ask your students to choose a vocabulary item and define it. Then they tell other groups either the word or the definitions and the first team to guess first, gets a point.)

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